bad day

Today has really been a bad day. Or really its just three things thats been bad. My back, me been so full and feeling sick cuz of that and that my nap after work was TO long.

It started this morning when I got to work and I felt that my back was hurting really much. I started working 07:30 and when I had been working 1hour I said to the staff that I had to go down to the physiotherapist. Cuz my back was so bad.
When I got there I got to lay on a warm pillow to make my muscles warm and soft so the physiotherapist could work with my back. She found some crap between a vertebra and my left shoulder. But she could'nt help me with the inward curve of the lower part of my back. I have a weak lower back and it always feel like I have a weight there and I cant sit down when it's really bad... Like today.
I worked till 14:30 and when I was going home Anci called be and gave me a ride home and helped me put some lubricate on my back. She went home and I fell asleep in the sofa for 3hours. Normaly I take a nap after work but 3hours sleep just made me more tired.
I just ate a little now 1hour ago cuz I know I have to eat al though I don't want to cuz Im still full since yesterday when I ate 3dinners.

Im still tired and Im just gonna stay in the sofa and keep watching the hockey game tonight. And hopefully Michael will call a bit later.

Miss you loads Michael. X

Postat av: Bea

Usch vad ja hatar när du skriver på engelska :P

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